Renowned Companies that you must know!

We are so busy in our lives that sometimes we don’t even bother getting up from our seat and work our way to make a good knowledge about the happening around us. You can only become successful only when you have the desire from within you. All these people who led the foundation to a successful business are not the lucky ones, they worked day and night and got what they claim of their today. Here I present you some of the good companies that are worth noticing by everyone.

Online Technology: YouTube

When we talk about videos, the talk is always incomplete without the involvement of YouTube in it. We are so into YouTube that everything that we know, everything that we study, everything that we learn, 90% of the credit goes to the informative videos which we see on YouTube. Founded by the team of Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, this immense platform currently hold a record of highest data consumption in the history of the internet. The founders felt the need for developing a platform where they can share their moments with other friends among the college and university. Soon this platform gathered absolute popularity among both the genders of all age groups. It is currently the favorite pastime.

Petroleum & Gasoline Resources: Reliance

Reliance, A Multi National Company based in India is in the news for competing in every sector which the companies dream of entering into. With all the necessary resources available at their doorstep (Mumbai) this giant has deep sown its seeds into the petroleum and gasoline sector of India. Although India does not have major mines for such resources, somehow reliance sustained through the tough time and made through it. Alike companies in the development of real estate are also present in other countries like based in Canada under the guidance of several business.

Sports Apparels: Nike

Nike itself has a developed name of a brand. The commercials of Nike during the world events such as FIFA World cup, the NBA League etc are not required for its promotion. It has a great name since its beginning. With the quality and standard of apparels, Nike has had the attention of all those who prefer quality over price. The founders Bill Bowerman, Phil Knight was the distributor of Chinese shoemaker under the name of Blue Ribbon Sports. As for now, we know what the story of Nike is.

Automobiles: Volkswagen

Established in 1937 by German Labor Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront, DAF), this automotive giant is well-known name in the automobile sector. With a headquarter in Wolfsburg, Germany, this company has its branch in almost every country of the world. The German type of engine that enables this company to manufacture beasts that are perfect for every test. Apart from these petroleum automobiles, Volkswagen is focusing on the development of hybrid vehicles which reduces the fuel consumption and thus reducing the operational cost. The initial cost may be high for such projects, but the government is supporting such initiatives by funding with all the necessities.

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